Our name:

Kaleo (kä-le'-ō): Greek word for "to call" which has two meanings -

  1. to call aloud; utter in a loud voice, to invite

  2. to give a name to; to be called i.e. to bear a name or title, to salute one by name

Our Vision:  

To see Jesus exalted by a united church in the city of Hong Kong through prayer and worship.

Our Mission Statement:

Kaleo - School of Prayer and Worship exists to exalt Jesus, to equip local believers in worship and prayer, and to provide a context for the cultivation of unity.

School Description

Kaleo is an IHOPU Forerunner School of Worship affiliated intensive training program that equips singers, musicians and intercessors with the theology and tools needed to cultivate a life of worship and prayer. Students will be given core teachings on house of prayer theology, worship values, and practical worship skills. The program aims to give students a greater understanding of God’s heart for prayer and worship while equipping them to fuel or lead meetings in local church and house of prayer settings.