Training Courses

Kaleo - Prayer and Worship Training Center is a two-year training program that offers its students access to both theological and musical training that will help equip them for their calling. 

All incoming students will start with our mandatory 10-week Kaleo Intro Track. Upon completing the intro track, students will be given the opportunity to further their study by choosing from one of our two Advanced tracks: Prayer Track or Worship Track. These courses will provide our students with heart values and practical skills to aid them in their pursuit to live passionately for Jesus and lead others in enjoyable and sustainable worship and prayer. Each advanced track consists of three semesters lasting 10 weeks each.

Kaleo intro track

All incoming students will start their studies at Kaleo with a foundational introductory course. This course will provide a basic overview of the theological basis for night and day prayer & worship. In addition, students in this course will be provided with practical worship team training and Biblical values applicable to all worship or prayer contexts.  


Advanced Worship Track

The Advanced Worship Track provides students with theological teaching and hands-on training that will equip them, both in skill and understanding, to be better stewards of God's presence. This track aims to provide students with a holistic understanding of what it means to be a worshipper - from personal devotion to leadership on stage. (Prerequisite course: Kaleo Intro Track)


advanced Prayer Track

Our Advanced Prayer Track aims to empower and equip students to grow in friendship with God from the place of intimacy with God. In this course, students will be taken on a journey of discovering the knowledge of God and will be given practical tools that will help them grow in a lifestyle of prayer - both for their personal lives and for their different prayer contexts. (Prerequisite course: Kaleo Intro Track)