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Kaleo Worship Event: Anthem of Praise

Anthem of Praise


We believe the Lord is raising up a unified song of worship from the city of Hong Kong. From the young to the old, the rich to the poor, the locals to the expats, and denomination to denomination, a song of love and adoration is rising to Jesus. The aim of this event is to gather together and exalt the name of Jesus with one voice and to connect with the heart of God for Hong Kong and the nations to sing His praises.

Join us on February 23rd and 24th for a time of worshipping Jesus together and connecting our hearts with His for missions.


  • Worship Leader 敬拜主領: Matt Gilman (Orlando House of Prayer, USA)
  • Guest Speaker 講員: Jason Chua (Burning Hearts, Singapore)

Schedule 日程表:

  • Friday 星期五 (23/2) 7pm - 敬拜及分享: Matt Gilman
  • Saturday 星期六 (24/2) 2pm - 敬拜: Matt Gilman,分享 (宣教): Jason Chua
  • Saturday 星期六 (24/2) 7pm - 敬拜: Matt Gilman