Kaleo Intro Track

Course Aim:

All incoming students will start their first semester with our 10-week Kaleo Intro Track*. This course will provide students with an introduction to core house of prayer theology and will also provide hands-on training on the IHOPKC Harp & Bowl model. Students will also be given opportunities and practical tools to help them grow as singers, musicians, worship leaders, and prayer leaders in our Kaleo worship team labs. 

This 10-week Kaleo Intro Track is mandatory and must be completed in order to enroll in either of the Advanced Tracks - Prayer Track or Worship Track

Course Content:



  • The Supreme Value of Prayer & Worship

  • The Necessity of Night & Day Prayer

  • Why Harp & Bowl and Where is it in the Bible?

  • Beholding Christ: Our Greatest Calling

Hands On ApplicationJPG

Hands-On Application

  • The Importance of Humility and Inclusiveness

  • How to Pray-Read the Bible

  • How to Sing Your Prayers

  • The Value of Praying the Bible

  • Chord Progressions & Musical Dynamics in Prophetic moments

  • Learn to Communicate with your Worship Team




During the Kaleo Intro Track, students will be given the chance to choose from our different vocal/instrumental workshops: vocal, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, etc. Students will get the opportunity to receive 2 one hour group lessons in the workshop of their choice. 


Worship Team Labs

All Kaleo Intro Track students will be placed on worship teams where they will receive hands-on training and live feedback from our Kaleo worship team coaches. 


*Classes will be taught in English and Cantonese (with Cantonese translation)