Track Description: 

Upon completing the Kaleo Intro Track, students will be given the opportunity to further their studies by enrolling in our Advanced Prayer Track. Kaleo offers three different courses for the Advanced Prayer Track: House of Prayer and Intercession, Intimacy and the Knowledge of God, or Partnership with God's Heart

In these courses, students will receive theological teaching as well as practical training to enrich both their personal and corporate lives of prayer. Advanced Prayer Track students will also receive hands-on prayer leadership coaching in our worship team labs.

Students are encouraged to complete all three, 10-week Advanced courses to complete their studies at Kaleo. Due to the fact that Kaleo only offers one Advanced Prayer Track course each semester, incoming students are kindly asked to start their studies with whichever course is being offered that semester. Check below to see which course will be offered in the current semester.

Course Content



  • The Necessity of Night & Day Prayer
  • End-Time Prayer Movement
  • How to Pray Effective Prayers
  • Importance of a Fasted Lifestyle
  • Intimacy with God
  • The Power of Combining Singing and Intercession
  • The Global Cry for Justice & God's Plan for Redemption


  • Fasted Lifestyle
  • How to Connect Your Heart with God in Prayer
  • Ten Prayers to Strengthen Your Faith
  • Q&A Panels


All Advanced Track students will be placed on worship teams where they will receive hands-on training and live feedback from our Kaleo worship team coaches. This will be an opportunity for students to receive hands-on prayer leader training.


Classes are taught in Cantonese & English (with Cantonese translation)

Course Aim:

God desires to build a resting place on the earth and in the hearts of believers. In this course, students will be invited into the Story of the prayer movement throughout history and will be given a brief overview of the Biblical precedent for the house of prayer. Students will also be given practical tools that will equip them to pray powerful and effective prayers.

In this course we will cover topics such as The End Time Prayer Movement, History of 24/7 Prayer & Worship, Fasted Lifestyle, How to Increase Our Effectiveness in Prayer, and more. 

Course Aim: 

Our view of God and how He relates to us greatly affects how we approach Him in the place of prayer. In this course, students will be given the opportunity to cultivate a greater understanding of the knowledge of God as Father and Bridegroom King that will empower them to enter into deeper intimacy with Him. The revelation of these truths will equip students to experience greater freedom from fear and shame and grow in confidence as intercessors.

In this course we will cover topics such as Bridegroom Heart of God, Understanding the Message of Grace, Father Heart of God, Sustaining Our Hearts by Beholding Jesus and more. 

Course Aim:

God is looking for friends who will partner with Him through prayer and intercession for His purposes in the earth. This course is specifically designed to train intercessors who desire to grow in the knowledge of God's heart and partner with Him prayer to see His will accomplished in the earth. We will look at the value of singing as it relates to intercession and explore topics related to God's heart for Israel and His commitment to bringing forth justice through intercession.

In this course we will cover topics such as The Power of Combining Singing & Intercession, Theology of Israel, Worship & the Great Commission, The Global Cry for Justice & God's Plan for Redemption and more.