Track Description: 

Upon completing the Kaleo Intro Track, students will be given the opportunity to further their studies by enrolling in our Advanced Worship Track. Each semester, Kaleo will offer one of our three Advanced Worship Track courses: Heart of a Worshipper, Life of a Worshipper, or Power of a Worshipper

In these courses, students will receive theological teaching as well as hands-on training that will equip and enable them to become musical theologians. Students will also receive training in heart values and practical skills that will aid them in their passionate pursuit of Jesus and in their ability to lead others in enjoyable and sustainable worship and prayer. 

The Kaleo Advanced Worship Track consists of three, 10-week courses. Students must complete all three Advanced Track courses to complete their studies at Kaleo. Due to the fact that Kaleo only offers one Advanced Worship Track course each semester, incoming students are kindly asked to start their studies with whichever course is being offered that semester. Check below to see which course will be offered in the current semester.

Course Content:



  • Ministry to the Lord - Our Highest Privilege
  • Becoming a Person After God's Own Heart
  • Understanding the Father Heart of God
  • Sermon on the Mount: Pursuing Kingdom Lifestyle
  • The Power of Combining Singing and Intercession
  • Sing Back the King: Worship & The Great Commission

Hands-On Application

  • Biblical Leadership
  • Bible Study Tools & Pray-Reading the Bible
  • Advanced Worship Team Dynamics
  • Songwriting Workshop
  • Communication Systems for Worship Teams

Worship Team Labs

All Advanced Track students will be placed on worship teams where they will receive hands-on training and live feedback from our Kaleo worship team coaches. This will be an opportunity for students to receive hands-on worship leader and worship team training.



Classes are taught in Cantonese & English (with Cantonese translation)

Course Aim:

In order to be effective worship leaders and worship team members, we must first be relentless beholders of the One we are worshipping. In this course, students will be taken on a journey of discovering the beauty of Jesus and will be taught the heart values and worship principles that will equip them to be better stewards of God's presence both on and off stage.

In this course we will cover topics such as The First & Greatest Commandment, Life of David, Singing Practicum, Advanced Musical Dynamics, and more. 

Course Aim:

Being faithful as a worshipper requires us to first cultivate worship as a lifestyle. In this course, students will explore what it means to have a lifestyle of worship off stage that overflows into their expression of worship on stage. They will also receive teaching on what it looks like to become a person after God's own heart and learn practical tools that will help them to walk out a lifestyle of devotion and holiness to the Lord.

In this course we will cover topics such as The Sermon on the Mount, Cultivating Skillful Musicianship, Bible-Study Tools & Pray-Reading the Bible, Team Dynamics: Humility & Honoring Authority, and more. 


Course Aim:

There are many ways in which a worshipper can express his worship to the Lord. You can be a worship leader in your local church, a teacher, a stay-at-home mom, or a marketplace businessman and still be a powerful and effective worshipper onto the Lord. In this course, students will be given the chance to discover what it means to minister to the Lord and explore different expressions of worship as applicable to their individual callings in life.

In this course we will cover topics such as The Power of Combining Singing & Intercession, Songwriting Workshop, Biblical Leadership, Kings & Priests in Various Spheres of Society, and more.